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One of the most famous trekking in Europe. A serious challenge that  give the pleasure to walk across isolated valley and huge size old trees. Limeted logistic oblige to curry a bit extra weitgh and remid to u sthe stregth of the past explorers that discover this land and has open the road to us not to invade , but to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the nauture.

7 days of walk max vertical gap is 1500m , average 800 m per day. and 6 hours. back pack average kg 12-15.

Next departure: spetember 24th - Oct 2nd

tecnical needed , scrumbeling on steep path along fixed cable.


Day 1 Livorno ( 8:15) Bastia by ferries, then with bus and train to Calenzana. Night in hotel

Day 2Calenza to Refuge d' Ortu du u Piobbu

Time 7 hrs, Distance 7.5 miles, Ascent 1550 m, Descent 235 m

A tougth hot day to get you in the mood! From the see level up to 1400m . the sea view is still there but the mountain smell is improving.

Day 3 Refuge d' Ortu du Piobbu to Refuge de Carozzu

Time 6.5hrs, Distance 5miles, Ascent 750m, Descent 1050m

The path it become steep and unlevel,scrambling is most of the activity , and some descents give a great views.

Day 4 Refuge de Carozzu to Haut Asco

Time 5.5hrs (we did it in 4hrs), Distance 3.75miles, Ascent 860m, Descent 710m

The very narrow valley we will climb up it start with a suspended bridge and a few delicats roc step along the fixed cable. really wild but fast climb as well. A relatively short disent , but still steep, it will take us to a confortable hotel room.

Day 5 Cirque de la Solitude; Haut Asco to Refuge de Tighiettu

Time 7hrs, Distance 7miles, Ascent 1000m, Descent 1000m

The Cirque de Solitude is one of the high points of the trip and the most tecnical section. After a good warm up we will scrambling deep in the isolated high valley where there is no easy way out along the river, The 2 steep long chaines sections give the good taste of this day walk. Average 2 hours to go across this section and then a quiet briefly at the confortable and sunny hut,

Day 6 Rufuege du Tighiettu to Hotel Castel di Vergio

Time 6hrs, Distance 9miles, Ascent 850m, Descent 1000m

Completly different terrain today, long distance expecially on the way down, better to made going the legs if you like to have an early shower in the Hotel. But if you are not sutisfy, is possible half way to divert for a 2 hours trip to the Monte Forato, a big hole trought the mountain, amaising view.

Day 7 Hotel Castel di Vergio to Refuge de Manganu

Time 5hrs, Distance 10.5miles, Ascent 670m, Descent 475m

Small vertical gap but as the dey before is better to be in good actions. Completly different terrain, nice gentle land open views.

Day 8 Refuge de Manganu to Corte

Time 6 hrs, Distance 5 miles, Ascent 600m, Descent 1000m

The last steep climb and then above the 2 lovely lakes a fantastic run down along the Restonica Valley.

An exiting car tranfert take us at the end of the trip. Hot jakuzy and swimming pool to contemplate the vertical rocky spires of the Restonica.

Day 9 By train to Bastia and back at 15:15 with the ferry to Lilvorno (1845)


Price 950 Euro per person, include boat tranfert, public transpot in corsica, 2 half board in hotel, night in the huts/hotel, 9 days mountain guide assistence, assurance for transportation in case of accident ( no home flight).

No lunch or evening meal are included.

Please to confirm send a deposit of 300 Euro  before  August the first with the Paypal link( 4 days programme)below.

Because of limited services provided from the huts, need to be able to curry at least 2-days full meal.

The list of equipment it will be sended at the booking.


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Morning Star week in Courmayeur

Amaizing fresh snow in Courmayeur. finally blue sky and big runs available to enjoy the real Mont Blanc free ride. All members of all groups have made progress in this challenging conditions and they have enjoy the sourroundings and the Italian hospitality.

Keep skiing.


Cliff Climbing in Swanage
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Beautiful day in Swanage  , a sunny winter day to enjoy the physical climb along the vertical  cracks above the see. Rob has master some enigmatic routes with patient , power and unexpected moves.


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