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Ski from top of Courmayeur lifts, testa d'Arp 2700m along the spettacular solitaru valley of La Balme, tiny village just below La Thuile, some 1500mt of downhill off piste through open areas over crests,woods, following the mountain streams and chasing the best snow. Depending on your leval there is a choice of 5 different descents to take,  like Ivesse couloir, direct opposit of Mont Blanc sout face, steep but lovely snow. Vielle valley, need a 20minuts walk to deserve the confortable solitary run. The Dolonne way,  the easiest trac and one of the most confortable to catch back the lift and repete this fantastic experience twice in a day , if your legs manage the job!

La Thuile

A ski area that is one of the biggest of italy, 170km of runs, and every type of off piste . from steep to simple, from open valley and nice wood safe from wind. this is one of the unknown site that offer fresh powder some times 10 days after last snowfall.

Price is 45,00 euro.per person for a group of 6

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