postheadericon Special Equine SkiPD 2017 Report

Vet skipd2017 in Champoluc ( Aosta Valley Italy) has completed. Blue sky, well maintained piste, the enthusiastic partecipants, a warm friendly hospitality, good speakers, has made memorable days one more time. (for photos click read more)

The team's that have experienced the off piste with myself they enjoy the quietness and the wide wild spaces that the area offer. They all have improve theirs itinery skills, learning to read the snow at the best to spot the good one and made the most, well some have tested the softness, in pushing theirs limits , but this is all about, a professional delvelopment, thankyou for the trust. and to the great organisation from Henry Tremaine and Catherine Mayes . I wish to all , future great skiing where ever will be.





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Cliff Climbing in Swanage

Beautiful day in Swanage  , a sunny winter day to enjoy the physical climb along the vertical  cracks above the see. Rob has master some enigmatic routes with patient , power and unexpected moves.


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Tour Of Mont BLanc 2017

We have complete the trekking around  Mont Blanc. One of most spectacular walk in the Alps . the team I had the pleasure to guide was coming from the antipodes in Australia, a team that enjoy the walk appreciating the surrounding and over all had take his own time to contemplate and travel at the speed your hart goes. better then many word to explain this journey here some images

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