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The Top of Europe a fantastic mountain where to enjoy the outdoor with an unlimited panorama. Even if has a simple name , Mont Blanc, is not a simple climb. 1 on 5 persons that they start from the huts, they don't made the summit. Let me help you to optimize your ability and increase your chanses to made to the top. The 4 days programme help  to acclimatize a bit and have the extra time avalable to  choose the corret moment for the summit. But is your privious preparation that can made the difference. Photo gallery

4 days programme - 2017

June. September

Max 2 Persons per guide.

Technical skill : Basi croc scrambleling, walking with crampons. and steep snow up to 50°

Fitness: Good aerobic preparations

Day 1: Meeting at the hotel in Courmayeur (italy), checking the mountain gears. Transfer to the cable car of La Palud( Italy) Easy walk on the Giant Glacier 3400m, take practice with crampons and use ropes, crevasses rescue techniques. Over night in the Torino Hut 3350m ( 4-5 hours activityes)

Day 2 introduction at the ice climbing techniques and use of the ice axes, Climb the near by Tour Rond 3900m ( 6-8 hours activities)

Day 3 walk across the Vallè Blanche towards the Cosmique hut 3403m, ( 3 - 4 hours). afternoon rest and early dinner.

Day 4 Breakfast at 1:00 A.M. Start the climb at 2:00 along the Est ridge of Mont Blanc du Tacul, then pas the Mont Maudit 4400m, and finnaly climb the main summit of Mont Blanc 4810 m . The route back is the same, climb back the Aiguille du Midi and return with the cable car to Courmayeur at the hotel. this is a  11-13 hours  day walking.

The day of the summit can be changed in according of whether conditions, as the starting point, (Chamonix) or the dissenting route.

Cost include: 3 night in the hut, half board accomodation, NO DRINKS (no private rooms available). 4 days Mountain Guide fee, including Mont Blanc summit rate. Technical equipments.

Cable car as planned: ( La Palud 1400m - Punta Elbronner 3420m return, and Aig.Du Midi _Punta Elbronner_one way)

Tranfer From to the Hotel in Courmayeur to the Cable Car.

Price £1890,00 1 person,  £1150,00 per person group of 2, £ 990,00 per person group of 4 , (one guide for the first 3 days and 2 guides for the summit day.

A deposit of 30% is required to confirm the booking 40 days before.



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Morning Star week in Courmayeur

Amaizing fresh snow in Courmayeur. finally blue sky and big runs available to enjoy the real Mont Blanc free ride. All members of all groups have made progress in this challenging conditions and they have enjoy the sourroundings and the Italian hospitality.

Keep skiing.


Cliff Climbing in Swanage
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Beautiful day in Swanage  , a sunny winter day to enjoy the physical climb along the vertical  cracks above the see. Rob has master some enigmatic routes with patient , power and unexpected moves.


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