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8 days from zero to 4810m in the correct time.
Starting from Courmayeur , the italian side of Mont Blanc, turning arround from unticlockwise, to Swizerland, the arriving in Chamonix . From here the real climb. walking along th eMer de Glace in 2 days up to col du Midi. Stay over night in the Cosmique hut and then climb the Mont Blanc , go across the west ridge and return from  the Italian side along the Miage Glacier and finishing in Courmayeur as started.

Prize: 1450 euro per person , group of 4.

Dates: 2012 July 10_18 - September 10-17


The Programme : Courmayeur 1224mt to Bonatti hut 2025mt , via Mont  della Saxe and the wild Armina vallesy , 5-6 Hours , vertical gaps +1100 -200. walking. stay overnight in the hut.

Bonatti hut 2025mt - Champex 1477mt, Via Col Ferret2537mt and La Fouly1594mt  5-6 Hours , vertical gaps + 600 - 950. walking . use of the bus from la Fouly  to Champex 40 minutes. stay overnight hotel

Champex 1477mt - Trient 1297mt Via Belvedere of Bovine 1987mt  5-6 Hours , vertical gaps +500 - 700 walk. stay overnight in the hut.

Trient 1297mt - Chamonix 1024mt , Via Col del Balme mt 2191Aig des Posettes 2183mt e Montroc 1382mt ore  5-6 Hours , vertical gaps +1100 - 920 walking itinery,  use of the bus from  Montroc to  Chamonix 20 minutes stay overnight in  hotel.

Chamonix 1024mt -Rif Requin 2523mt Via Montenver 1913mt  4-5 Hours , vertical gaps + 600. Using the famouse and caracteristic rack rail train of Mer de Glace to  Montenver. From here a long galcier walk along one of the most spectacular valley in the Alps. then a steep rocky track using a via ferrata to rich the hut where we will stay over night.

Rif Requin 2523mt - Rif Cosmique 3593mt via Giaiant Glacier  4-5 Hours , vertical gaps +1070. a great glaicer walk taking slowly altitude and acclimatize for the next tought day. the Cosmique hut is a breath taking spot where to sleep.

Cosmique  Hut 3593 - Mont Blanc 4810mt via NE ridge Brenva col, 4400mt - This is the big day a 5-7 hours walk to the summit and then 3-5 down to the italian side of Mont Blanc to the new Gonnella hut at 3000m. ( is possible to return to the french side staying in Tete Rousse hut 3200m and the next day arrive in chamonix with a 2 hours walk and the cable car from Belvue).

Gonnella Hut - courmayeur- Along the solitary Miage Glacier and the Val Veny with a 4 hour walk we wil complete this great tour and climb the Mont Blanc.

Cost include 8 day 1 alpine guide assistanse ( one extra guide for the summit ), 7 days half board in hut/hotel **, public transport as planned.


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Morning Star week in Courmayeur

Amaizing fresh snow in Courmayeur. finally blue sky and big runs available to enjoy the real Mont Blanc free ride. All members of all groups have made progress in this challenging conditions and they have enjoy the sourroundings and the Italian hospitality.

Keep skiing.


Cliff Climbing in Swanage
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Beautiful day in Swanage  , a sunny winter day to enjoy the physical climb along the vertical  cracks above the see. Rob has master some enigmatic routes with patient , power and unexpected moves.


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